Crepes – Waffle – Pancake

Powdered preparations for Crêpes, Waffles and Pancakes, even gluten-free

The Bicom powdered mix for Crêpes, Waffles and Pancakes guarantee a high quality result and a very simple preparation, with only the addition of water. The strength of this family of products is the availability of totally gluten-free formulations, tasty products for everyone, even for celiac consumers.

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CodeFlavourSizeUnitPackPcs / CnCn/palletHow to useYieldShelf LifeGlutenLactoseVeganColoring
9-50001 Mix for Crepès 500g Pcs Bag 20 32 1 bag + 600/800 ml water 10/15 crepès 24 months YES NO NO NAT
9-50002 mix for Gluten Free* Crepès 500g Pcs Bag 20 32 1 bag + 700/800 ml water 10/15 crepès 24 months NO YES NO NAT
9-50005 Gluten Free* Waffles Mix 550g Pcs Bag 20 32 Waffles: 1 bag + 500 ml water Pancake: 1bag + 550 ml water 10/15 pcs 24 month NO YES NO /
*with rice flour
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