Bicom spa is a company that develops and produces confectionery preparations for the sector and for the beverage industry, both under own brand and private label.

In 2008 Claudio Mantovani, an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the sector, took over a small powder mixing business and began to develop the production of a range of powder products for bars and restaurants that combine quality, taste and easy to use. With the spread of ginseng coffee in Italy, Bicom strengthens its expertise in coffee-based instant soluble drinks, immediately becoming a point of reference in this market. The company makes innovation and dynamism its distinctive feature and is among the first to offer products gluten-free, without hydrogenated fats, with natural dyes, lactose-free and vegan, GMO-free, light, etc… thus anticipating what will be the health trend that has characterized the food market of the last decade. Over the years the references of the Bicom assortment increase more and more, combining historical products such as sorbets, slushes, hot chocolates and coffee creams also ginseng coffees, milkshakes, toppings, teas and herbal teas … all always paying attention to quality, service content and innovation. Today Bicom is a well-known reality in Italy and abroad ready to face the new challenges related to environmental sustainability, new ways of consumption, use of increasingly natural and healthy ingredients.


where our food technologists constantly work on the improvement and development of innovative products. With an eye always focused on market trends in terms of new tastes, new ingredients and health benefits, we create products respecting all the rules imposed by food regulations but which are above all good! Only if it passes our rigorous panel tests a blend can become a “Bicom product”.

The entire development process is carried out internally in our laboratory: it starts with the selection of the best raw materials, creates a balanced composition, studying dosages and application recipes that best enhance the product and finally defining the ingredients and the words to be reported on the label.

Our team works closely with our customers’ Research and Development or Purchasing Department to find the best solutions and turn their projects into reality.


The ideas developed by our laboratory take shape in our dynamic production department. The search for efficient and cutting-edge technological solutions and accurate internal technical expertise have allowed Bicom to increase its production lines over the years. Processing takes place today in 4 different departments, for a total of 9 lines, with systems that allow automated processing and packaging in the most varied formats such as bags, single-dose sticks, jars, bottles and big bags. Over the last few years, investments have been made in the installation of systems that adopt Industry 4.0 technology, increasingly automating the production process and ensuring consistency in the quality of finished products.

An entire part of the company is then dedicated to our logistics department where the products are stored in the most suitable conditions to preserve their quality and are ready for shipment to Italy and around the world. An efficient traceability system allows the rapid identification of the goods and their correct handling.


The first  reference point for our customers is certainly the Sales Department. A close-knit and competent team that focuses on the relationship with the customer to create a lasting and satisfying relationship.

Our historical customers know our Sales Department well for its willingness to propose the best solutions and commercial offers that meet their needs, the speed and precision in order processing, the attention with which the customer is followed in the after-sales.

A wide network of contacts and collaborations in the market combined with participation in the most important trade fairs in the sector, allows our Sales team to be always updated on new trends in terms of product and service in order to satisfy, or even anticipate, the requests of the most demanding customers.

In an increasingly globalized context, the work of our Foreign Commercial Office is of great importance, the office supports customers from all over the world in the knowledge of our products and help them in the fulfillment of export requirements.

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