Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Powder mix in single-dose and in bags for light and no sugar added hot chocolate.

Our LIGHT chocolate is a low-calorie powder mix for hot chocolate: 30% fewer calories than a normal chocolate and ZERO added sugars.

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CodeFlavourSizeUnitPackPcs / CnCn/palletHow to useYieldShelf LifeGlutenLactoseVeganColoring
MONO-22 Classic single dose 25x30g Pcs Box 6 52 1 single dose+120 ml Milk for 1 cup 36 months NO NO** YES** /
9-3062L Classic 600g Pcs Bag 20 32 1 bag+2,2 lt Milk* about 25 cups 36 months NO NO** YES** /
*For a more dense product use 2 Lt. of milk
**If prepared with plant-based milk
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