At Bicom spa, customer service is the central element of the entire company organization because we firmly believe that a company capable of providing not only excellent products, but also professionalism and service, can make the difference.

At Bicom you can find the technical competence and the multiplicity of proposals typical of a factory combined with the creativity and communication skills specific to commercial realities. Years of experience in the allowed us to build a network of collaborations and consulting with the best suppliers in terms of raw materials, packaging, commercial and logistic services. All this know-how is made available to our customers on a daily basis so that they can find in Bicom the ideal partner for their business.


All products in our wide range can be made with Private Labels at no additional cost.Wraps, boxes and packages are specially designed to be easily customized with the customer’s logo even in limited quantities (any minimums are to be agreed with our Sales Department).

For particular projects, our Research and Development team is available to understand customers needs and also create tailor-made products.

The multi-year collaboration with the best packaging companies and graphic agencies also allows us to provide, in case of need, complete solutions in which the products developed are “dressed” with the most suitable packaging and label,  always with  the brand of the customer.


Bicom’s assistance  turns into a real consultancy for a 360 ° service. Product design, proposals for packaging and graphics, counter menus, promotional material, training for the sales force … these are some examples of the solutions that Bicom uses to support customers in the realization of their projects.

Even in daily activities, Bicom staff is always available to customers with prompt and competent answers, whether it is to follow the fulfillment of an order, or to provide information and clarifications on the use of the products.

In its formulations, Bicom uses only raw materials selected from the best national and international suppliers, subjected to rigorous controls during the acceptance phase. Thanks to our in-house laboratory technicians we can carefully follow the production processes at every stage and check every single product before it is put on sale. This allows us to guarantee our customers a safe, constant and unmistakable quality product!


One of the strong points that distinguishes customer service at Bicom is certainly speed. Our goal is the rapid and efficient fulfillment of orders in order with the aim of avoid any supply problems for the customers, especially in high season. To do this we make use of the professionalism of logistics partners who guarantee deliveries within 24 hours in Northern Italy, within 48 hours for Central and Southern Italy and within 72 hours for the Islands.

The organization of the production and logistics departments has been optimized over the years to grant maximum production flexibility. This allows us to guarantee very short delivery times even for customized and Private Label products.

The value of flexibility and versatility is also found in our formulations. Often the products lend themselves to being prepared in different ways depending on the machinery, the seasonality, the desired application results. This allows customers considerable savings and stock optimization as they can create different finished products with the same preparation.

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