Instant Mix for Malaysian Ginseng Coffee for capsule industry
Soluble products — “Malaysian” Ginseng Coffee

Instant Mix for Ginseng Coffee “MALAYSIAN” for industry

Bicom “Malaysian” Ginseng coffee is a soluble, gluten-free, hydrogenated fat and GMO-free product.

Suitable for any type of capsule, it allows you to prepare a ginseng coffee with the typical taste of the first South East Asian imported ginseng coffees with an intense aroma and strong bitter aftertaste

The product is offered in bulk, in formats suitable for industrial processing as big bags of 400-500 kg or bags of 20 kg.

It is also possible to request the bitter version (without sucrose), whose concentrated formulation allows a smaller quantity of the soluble preparation to be dosed in the capsule.

Production and sale of soluble ginseng coffee, for soluble capsule or stick production industries and vending distributors

FlavourGinseng Coffee MALAYSIAN
With sucroseYES
Without sucroseYES
Shelf Life36 months

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